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Yellowjackets season 2 episode 2 recap (2023) – all consuming

Yellowjackets season 2 episode 2 introduces something that's long teased, making the horror series even scarier than it was before.

Yellowjackets season 2 episode 2 recap

Our Verdict

Yellowjackets continues to prove it's one of the scariest shows on TV.

Well, the thing we always knew was coming in Yellowjackets is finally here. After the concept was teased in the first episode of the horror series, the Yellowjackets cast has succumbed to cannibalism.

Their choice in 1996 isn’t without a lot of extraneous factors, including some supernatural elements that continue to swirl in the thriller series. These tie into the future characters, too, as Lottie reveals that she had visions around the time of Travis’s passing, to a horrified Natalie.

The TV series is unreservedly digging into the psychology of our protagonists, as the mid-’90s portion moves into a harsher chapter of their survival, while the modern counter-parts start to unravel. Yellowjackets cleverly let’s their perspectives do the heavy-lifting in scaring us, still providing some grotesque imagery as we go.

Adult Shauna’s contribution is considerably easier than her teenage self. She’s visited by a detective, who’s looking for details on Adam. Shauna and Misty had been preparing for this, though she still struggles to keep her story straight. Her daughter manages to provide a distraction, but investigators are on their tail.

By contrast, this sub-plot definitely seems a little boring, but the change in pace works for now. We need some sort of balm, and Shauna and Jeff bring some dark comedy in being convinced they can cover up a murder. Family tensions are rising, and since we all know what Shauna can do when she snaps, things could get even messier.

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The extent of Taissa’s struggles are illuminated for both her adult and teenage self. In 1996, she’s saved from sleepwalking off a cliff by Van, who refuses to give up on her. Their relationship is a boon of cutesy adolescent love against a backdrop of innocence torn apart.

In modern day, she hits the coffee hard to stay awake like Freddy Kreuger is after her. All the caffeine on her fragile mind creates a vivid hallucination of her son coming to visit. In reality, she didn’t pick him up from school.

Tai’s life is imploding, straight with her family, before it inevitably bleeds into her political responsibilities. If this episode is anything to go by, her public folly will be tough to sit through, should she make it that far.

Yellowjackets season 2 episode 2 recap

There was some relief when adult Van as announced for this season, as it confirmed she managed to get out of the forest. All signs point to her being Tai’s salvation here – an understanding ear who helps somehow. Or maybe something darker happens when Tai reaches out; Yellowjackets could go either way.

Natalie and Lottie grow somewhat closer through Travis’s passing. Lottie reveals she was present at the time of his death, but she encountered some haunting sights that prevented her from intervening. What she saw involved Laura Lee, who died early in the first season. A deeper spiritual connection seems to be forming, since Laura was killed by whatever malevolent force was in those woods.

Lottie’s recollection garners some curiosity from Natalie, who has no time for her cult. She won’t be taking part in any rituals any time soon, but all she wants is to learn more about Travis, and Lottie offers that.

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Back in 1996, we see Natalie trick Travis into thinking Javi is dead by putting her own blood on an old jumper. A conflict of ideals is brewing between Lottie, who keeps giving Travis hope that Javi’s alive, and Natalie, who wants him to accept his brother’s gone. This deception won’t help, perhaps driving Travis towards Lottie and away from Natalie.

Misty’s still trying to track down Natalie, and her amateur sleuth messageboard is about to bring in Elijah Wood as a potential love interest. Yellowjackets has a shrewd way of demonstrating the responsibilities we hold onto in life. Even though these characters have drifted, they’re dedicated to each other, if only because they understand what happened. Even in adulthood, as we change inexorably, that familiarity and friendship can refuse to dim.

Yellowjackets season 2 episode 2 recap

Shared trauma’s a major arbiter of this, and Yellowjackets contains some intense communal experiences. ‘Edible complex’ ends with the survivors seeing Jackie’s remains just charred enough tos eem appealing to their starved minds, and digging in. The scene flicks to a banquet, them finally getting a chance to gorge for the first time in months.

A memorable set-piece, and perhaps only one of many. We still have some ways to go here, and Yellowjackets is a fearless production. Yellowjackets is available on Paramount Plus in the UK and Showtime in the US. Our lists of the best Netflix series and best Apple TV shows have more great entertainment for you.