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Stephen King loves Ti West’s horror movie X

Acclaimed horror author and master of scares, Stephen King, has revealed how much he loves A24's and Ti West's latest and goriest horror movie, X

Stephen King loves Ti West's horror movie X

One of the masters of fright has nothing but nice things to say about A24’s latest and goriest horror movie. Taking to social media, the bestselling author Stephen King, whose previous work has been adapted for films such as Pet Sematary and Firestarter, posted a string of praise for the newly released slasher, X.

Directed by Ti West (V/H/S) and set in 1979, X tells the story of a group of young and hopeful filmmakers who set out to make a porno in rural Texas. However, things aren’t so much sexy as they are deadly once their elderly hosts catch on to what they are doing. Soon the youngsters are fighting to survive and to make it out of production alive. Love for West’s movie isn’t an anomaly. Currently, the film holds a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, having the backing of an influential horror storyteller does seem to push it over the edge into bonafide modern classic territory. Taking to Twitter, King shared his cinematic opinions with followers, and it turns out that he agrees with the critics’ verdicts. “X is an extremely good horror movie,” he writes. “Scary, smart, knowing. Oh. And entertaining.”

You can see Stephen King’s Tweet for yourself below:

In his review for the thriller movie , staff writer Anthony McGlynn was similarly impressed with the flick writing: “Broadly riffing on roadkill slashers ala The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, West wears his influences on his sleeve to celebrate what came before, and pass comment on pearl-clutching detractors, both then and now.”

So, needless to say, it seems like West’s film continues to tick the boxes of the horror community on large. Getting the King seal of approval is no laughing matter, and it looks like A24 may have just added another spooky hit to their growing back catalogue of films.

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