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Can I stream X movie?

X movie is the new horror movie from indie studio A24, but when is it released and can you find it on a streaming service like Netflix?

Can I stream X movie?

Can I stream X movie? Independent film studio A24 is renowned for its horror movies, and the fan favourite production company has another twisted genre piece heading to our screens very soon! X movie is the latest from writer-director Ti West, and it looks set to be one hell of a weird and wild love letter to the horror genre, with multiple classic horror moments getting the homage treatment in just the trailer alone.

Set in 1979, X movie sees a group of young filmmakers arrive in rural Texas with the intention of making some adult movies. But, when they move into an old farmhouse for the shoot, their reclusive, elderly hosts don’t take kindly to the content they’re putting together, and a deadly struggle ensues.

X movie follows in the footsteps of other brilliant modern horror movies like Midsommar, Saint Maud, and The Lighthouse, as A24 continues its domination of the indie film market. X stars Mia Goth, Brittany Snow, Kid Cudi, and Jenna Ortega, who also appeared in Scream this year.

Where can I watch X movie?

X movie opens in theatres across the UK on Friday, March 18, 2022. The release date is the same in the US too, so audiences on both sides of the Atlantic can enjoy some gnarly horror-action at the same time.

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Can I stream X movie?

Unfortunately no, not at the moment. X is getting an exclusively theatrical release, which means you’ll need to head out to the cinemas to see it. But, what could be better than spending a couple of hours in a cinema with some good old A24 horror?

When X does hit a streaming service like Netflix or Prime Video, we will be sure to keep you updated so you don’t miss out.