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The best X-Files monster is on the loose right now

One of the most sinister and terrifying monsters from sci-fi series The X-Files may well be on the loose right now. To be fair, Scully did warn us about this.

eugene tooms in the x files

The truth is out there… Well, probably not, given the age of internet misinformation we live in, but if we’re going by the first season’s timeline, Eugene Tooms from The X-Files is on the loose right now.

Die-hard fans of the ‘90s TV show will know that the season 1 episode featuring Tooms was set in 1993 — meaning that his emergence from his 30-year hibernation is nigh. To recap, Eugene Tooms was a serial killer in the thriller series who, due to genetic mutations, had the unique ability to squeeze through incredibly narrow gaps.

Because of the whole genetic mutation thing, Tooms didn’t have to worry about eating much. As depicted in the horror series, his slow metabolic rate meant that all he had to do was devour five human livers every thirty years after ripping out the organ with his bare hands. Yummy.

OK, so technically Tooms ended up dying after being crushed by a moving escalator, but Mulder himself even said that if they didn’t take down Tooms when he did, the next time they’d get was in 2023. And given Tooms’ whole thing is being able to get out of literal tight spots, it’s entirely possible that he managed to fool everyone into thinking he died when he was heading for another hibernation instead.

We encountered many monsters over the eleven seasons of X-Files, but despite Tooms being one of the first, he remains the most impactful. I mean, if you go around ripping livers from people’s bodies because of your insatiable hunger for human organs, you’re bound to leave something of an impression on even the most hardened horror fans.  Either way, we recommend we keep your eyes peeled and your livers close to your body. Not that we expect them to be going anywhere, of course.

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