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Umbrella Academy season 4 is a “great way” to end, says Justin H Min

Justin H Min tells The Digital Fix that he's excited for Umbrella Academy season 4, and it should be a fitting conclusion to the Netflix series

Justin H Min in The Umbrella Academy season 3

We don’t know much about The Umbrella Academy season 4 beyond that it’s happening, and will be the end for the hit Netflix series. Speaking to us on back of his science fiction movie After Yang, Justin H Min commented on his excitement to return to a cast that he considers very close.

“I love that show, that cast is a family to me, so I would be more than happy to come back,” he told The Digital Fix. “I don’t really think I have a choice because I’m locked in [laughs]. But if I had a choice, I would absolutely still voluntarily come back.”

At the time when we spoke, there were only rumours that The Umbrella Academy season 4 would be the climax for the sci-fi series. That much doesn’t bother Min, because he’s glad they’re going out on a high. “It’s been an amazing run,” he states. “If the fourth season is in fact our last, who knows if it is or not, it would be a great way to sort of close it out together as a family.”

In The Umbrella Academy, Min plays Ben, who can created horrifying tentacles our of his body. Originally he’s dead, appearing in the character Klaus’s memories. He’s since become alive and sort of well, as an alternate version of himself (there’s a lot to get into, it’s a wild TV series).

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The Umbrella Academy has been an ongoing success for Netflix since kicking off in 2019. Based on comics created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, there was some doubt about the future of the show because it’s adapted everything in the books. Thankfully, we’re getting a proper conclusion, and one ahead of the source material.

Steve Blackman developed The Umbrella Academy for Netflix, and it’s been reported that writing is well underway for the new episodes. Here’s hoping we’re not waiting too long.

After Yang is in theatres, and available now on Sky Cinema in the UK. Check out the best fantasy series for more strange adventures.