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Lightyear trailer takes Chris Evans to infinity, and beyond in Pixar movie

Chris Evans is voicing the space ranger for the Toy Story spin-off

Lightyear trailer

The first trailer for Lightyear, the spin-off from Pixar movie series Toy Story, has arrived. The footage shows the original Buzz Lightyear going some wild space-age adventures, with some friends in tow.

Buzz, a trusted pilot, launches on a solo mission to slingshot around the sun in the opening. After that, it seems the science fiction movie takes some unprecedented turns, and the space ranger ends up on some alien worlds. It also looks like he has a few enemies, with some armed assailants breaking down a door in one shot. One scene, with Buzz and another character being told about time dilation in space by a robot suggests this may be taking cues from Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar.

Marvel Cinematic Universe star Chris Evans is voicing Buzz, taking over from Tim Allen, who’d performed the role for all four Toy Story Disney movies thus far. In an Instagram post celebrating Lightyear’s announcement, Evans said that he “didn’t stop smiling through the entire pitch”, and that “Everyone can rest easy”, promising that “this one is gonna be special.”

Angus MacLane is directing Lightyear. A Pixar veteran, he’s contributed to all of the studio’s features since 1998’s A Bug’s Life, before moving up to co-director for Finding Dory, with Andrew Stanton, and now solo director.

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We’re still without an official synopsis, but the description on the trailer reads: “The sci-fi action-adventure presents the definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear – the hero who inspired the toy – introducing the legendary Space Ranger who would win generations of fans.”

Lightyear is in theatres June 17, 2022. For more madcap fun, check out the best animated movies.