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Lightyear becomes a PS1 game in this incredible video

A 3D artist has reimagined the Lightyear trailer as a PlayStation One videogame, bringing Buzz and Sox to pixelly life and rendering space in blocky glory


Fear not – the trailer for a theoretical PlayStation One videogame, based on the movie about Buzz Lightyear, that Andy saw in 1995, leading him to want the tie-in toy – is finally here! 3D artist Hoolopee has transformed the Lightyear trailer into an authentically retro-looking pixelly PS1 game – and it’s very well done.

Given that the PS1 came out in 1994, and Toy Story was released in 1995, it’s a great choice for one of Hoolopee videos. Certain elements such as Buzz’s rocket are rendered more colourfully than in the Lightyear trailer – with the purple, red and green details against a white background that we’re familiar with on the ‘old’ Buzz. Frankly, seeing them side-by-side makes you realise how beige Lightyear is.

Some fun details include the sun being more of a dodecahedron than a sphere. And the charming cat robot Sox becomes even more robotic with his blocky head. The best part has to be the ending which tells us that the game will be available at “all Al’s Toy Barn outlets in the Tri-County area.” We then see Rex going into the store and excitedly seeing it on a shelf.

Lightyear has had something of a disappointing opening weekend, which has been attributed to the confusing concept, as well as the fact that the last three Pixar movies went straight to Disney Plus.

You can watch Hoolopee’s cool PS1 style video below;

Lightyear seems as though it may be a rare misfire for Pixar, although it does have 75% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s shame that Soul, Turning Red, and especially the visually-stunning Luca didn’t get to have the big screen treatment.

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