Will Henry Cavill return as The Witcher?

Henry Cavill has now been dropped from Superman once again, but what does that mean for his future and will Henry Cavill be returning in The Witcher now?

Will Henry Cavill return as The Witcher? Henry cavill in the witcher

After being dropped from the Superman movies (once again), will Henry Cavill return to The Witcher as Geralt of Rivia? Poor old Henry Cavill has had a tough time, as of late. He dropped out of Netflix fantasy series The Witcher to announce that he would be returning to the DC movies as Superman and then had to announce that he had been dropped as Superman. Again.

So, naturally, the internet has engaged its speculation-loving brain and is wondering whether or not Henry Cavill will now return to the Netflix series, given that the project he appears to have left it for is no longer happening. It’s a fair question, and there’s lots to consider. So, let’s find out if Henry Cavill will return to The Witcher.

Will Henry Cavill return to The Witcher?

No, Henry Cavill won’t be showing up again as Geralt of Rivia after his last outing in the upcoming The Witcher season 3, and there are lots of complicated reasons why. First of all, the character has already been recast. Liam Hemsworth will be taking over as the White Wolf from season 4 onwards, and there’s no chance that Netflix will row back on the recasting to regain Henry Cavill.

Second, it’s widely rumoured that Henry Cavill left The Witcher not just to star in superhero movies again but because he was struggling with creative differences with the showrunners. The suggestion is that as a huge fan of The Witcher source material itself, Cavill was unhappy with the direction his character was being taken in.

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It’s important to note that this hasn’t been confirmed, but Lauren Schmidt Hissrich who leads the series behind the scenes said “We’ll obviously never get into exactly why Henry left, all of the reasons, but I can say it’s been a mutually respectful relationship.” That indicates that his decision to leave was down to more than just scheduling.

Finally, Henry Cavill is a very busy man, and despite leaving his two biggest roles in quick succession, the actor already has new projects in the works. It has been confirmed that Amazon is creating a Henry Cavill Warhammer 40K series, and that will keep Cavill busy for a very, very long time, leaving no space for his return to The Continent.

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