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The Wilds season 3 release date speculation, cast, trailer, and more

The Dawn of Eve program is entering its third phase and that's bad news for our survivors - let's speculate about The Wilds season 3 release date

The Wilds season 3 release date:

What is The Wilds season 3 release date? Described by some as Lost for Generation Z, The Wilds saw a group of teenage girls stranded on a desert island after their plane crashed in the middle of the pacific. As the survivors struggled with their new surroundings, however, it soon became clear this wasn’t some Robinson Crusoe style marooning.

The girls were deliberately trapped on the desert island by the Dawn of Eve program in a twisted social experiment – although the dangers they face are very real. The second season saw the introduction of a new group of survivors, a group of teen boys, and together the survivors worked towards somehow escaping the island. However, while help is on the way, the nightmare is far from over, so what do we know about The Wilds season 3 release date?

Well, we’ve been through all the confidential files we have on the Dawn of Eve project, consulted cast and crew interviews, and scoured the web to bring you every nugget of info we could on The Wilds season 3. So here’s everything you need to know about the Amazon Plus TV series‘ potential third outing.

The Wilds season 3 release date speculation

 The Wilds season 3 does not have a release date because Amazon has cancelled the series.  That will come as bad news to fans as season 2 didn’t wrap up the survivor’s story, and there was that tease that Shelby isn’t quite what she appeared to be.

The Wilds season 3 release date: The girl survivors

The Wilds season 3 plot speculation

As The Wilds has not been renewed for season 3, we’ll never know what the plot would have been. Still, cast interviews and the events of the first two series gave us some clues about where things might have gone. Season 2 ended with the tease that Shelby might be working as yet another mole for the Dawn of Eve program.

The executive producer Amy B Harris pretty much confirmed to TV Line that something was going on with Shelby. “I think the camera chose somebody that’s very interesting… It’s very possible, but it’s also possible it’s elsewhere,” she explained but stopped short of giving any concrete answers.

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During the same interview, she said the third season would have explored the growing dynamic between the boys and girls groups. “I’m very excited to see how these two groups, who have really coalesced in a very strong way, protecting one another, taking care of one another, fighting with one another,” Harris said. How when these two groups kind of smash together, the chemistry and the explosions that will possibly come from that are very exciting, and I’m really eager to explore.”

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The Wilds season 2 also teased a ‘Phase 3’ of the experiment. We’re not quite sure what that would have been, but it’s hinted to be yet the introduction of yet another group of survivors. Harris has also confirmed that they’re keen to explore the character of Gretchen – the head of the Dawn of Eve program – and her entire operation.

“[Gretchen’s] operation is a huge question mark for a lot of fans, and understanding the gears, especially the recruitment gears,” she explained. “We saw that with Nora. But it’s definitely a point of curiosity that we want to chase.”

The Wilds season 3 release date:: The boys survivor group

The Wilds season 3 cast speculation

Had The Wilds been renewed for a third season then it’s likely all of the survivors who managed to make it through the second series would have returned.

The Wilds season 3 release date: The girls track through the jungle

Where can I watch The Wilds?

The Wilds seasons one and two are available exclusively on the streaming service Amazon Prime Video.

If you aren’t a member of Prime yet, you can subscribe and watch them now using our affiliate link here.