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Dead City clears up a Walking Dead plot hole you probably noticed

The Walking Dead spin-off Dead City has provided an explanation for a plot-hole that has bothered fans for years, how do the survivors have fuel?

Dead City

As the many seasons of The Walking Dead went on, fans had a fair few complaints about how the post-apocalyptic society was depicted. One plot hole that has undoubtedly been pointed out by fans before is the fact that the Saviors had seemingly unlimited access to fuel for their vehicles. Fuel degrades over the course of around one year and therefore cannot be stored for future use. This is explicitly addressed in other post-apocalyptic series, such as The Last of Us.

After almost nine whole seasons, it was briefly mentioned in The Walking Dead that they can turn corn into ethanol. However, a better explanation has now been provided in spin-off Dead City, which follows Maggie and Negan.

New villain The Croat explains that he (and by extension, the Saviors) uses methane from rotting zombie corpses to produce fuel. Negan doesn’t seem surprised by this information, suggesting that it was commonplace when he was one of the Saviors. This is actually a great explanation because we know that zombies are basically limitless and would be easier to acquire than corn.

There are even more vehicles in Dead City than there were in The Walking Dead, which is set in New York – so the writers obviously realized it was time to come up with a more plausible and proper explanation as to how there can still be so much fuel around.

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Dead City is just one of six (yes, six) Walking Dead spin-off series. Fear the Walking Dead has been going for almost as long as the OG series. The World Beyond lasted for two seasons, concluding in 2021. Tales of the Walking Dead began in August 2022. Then there’s two separate spin-offs centered around some of the most popular Walking Dead cast members – Daryl Dixon starring Norman Reedus, and a series focusing on Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira).

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