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The Meg 2 director wants to make more shark movies, and we’re ready

Ben Wheatley, director of The Meg 2, is eyeing up a potential threequel about the horrifying megdalons. And needless to say, we're totally here for that.

Jason Statham in shark movie The Meg 2

The Meg 2 might not be out yet, but our hunger for shark-based content is as insatiable as… well, a shark, I guess. The good news is, Ben Wheatley, director of The Meg 2, is just as up for more shark movies than the rest of us, as he revealed in a new interview with Total Film that he was definitely down to make a Meg threequel. But not until he knows the new movie does well at the box office.

“You don’t want to talk about it until Meg 2 is out,” the horror movie director joked. “But I hope so. There’s a lot more to explore in that world. It’s very rich. The international-ness of it is very interesting.”

He continued, “What’s so smart about the first film is that it’s not Rush Hour. It’s not East-meets-West, ‘Oh, we’re all confused about each other.’ It’s just people working together, and being in an everyday adventure, and the people just happen to come from places all over the world. I think that’s good for audiences, and it’s a good message as well.”

Personally, I think the best message to take away from a movie like The Meg is not to go looking for giant sharks unless you’re Jason Statham, but that’s just me.

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