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The Matrix 4 final trailer has Neo go to war for Trinity

The final trailer for The Matrix Resurrections has been released and Neo has deja vu, Agent Smith and Niobe make an appearance and Neo must fight for Trinity

Matrix 4 Final Trailer

The final trailer for The Matrix Resurrections has been released, ahead of it hitting theatres on December 22 and it looks as though Neo has deja vu…”we’re all trapped inside these strange repeating loops.”

The connection between Jonathan Groff’s therapist character and Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith is made explicit in this trailer, with their voices and at times, faces, overlapping.

We also hear Jessica Henwick’s Bugs saying; “So deja vu, and yet it’s obviously all wrong. Maybe this isn’t the story we think it is.”

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Niobe says; “It’s so easy to forget how much noise the Matrix pumps into your head. Something else makes the same kind of noise. War.”

Keanu Reeves’ Neo also gets a moment to speak movingly of Carrie-Anne Moss’ Trinity; “She believed in me. It’s my turn to believe in her.” And Yahya Abdul-Mateen’s Morpheus tells Neo that he has to fight for her.

There is a lot packed into this 2 minute 50 second trailer and it gives away a surprising amount, although there is still no sign of Christina Ricci.

The trailer can be viewed below;

It is clear that there are going to be plenty of callbacks to the previous Matrix films and younger versions of Neo and Trinity are constantly intercut with their 2021 selves.

Morpheus also tells Neo; “They taught you good. Made you believe their world was all you deserved. But some part of you knew that was a lie. Some part of you remembered what was real.”

The visuals include Neo’s world being turned into the familiar Matrix green binary code and him leaping off a rooftop while a crowd of people try to reach out and stop him.

The trailer ends with a cheeky nod to the fact that Reeves has been in training since he last starred as Neo, by being in the John Wick franchise – “I still know kung-fu.”

Tickets are now on sale for The Matrix Resurrections, including in IMAX. If the wait is proving too much, check out of guide to the best science fiction movies.