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Does The Little Mermaid have a post-credit scene?

If you've been asking yourself whether The Little Mermaid live-action movie has a post-credit scene, then you've come to the right place. Here's what we know.

halle bailey as ariel in the little mermaid

Does The Little Mermaid have a post-credit scene? On the face of it, a post-credit teaser for a standalone fairytale movie seems weird.

But given Disney also owns Marvel, who has become infamous for post-credit scenes at the end of their superhero movies, the idea isn’t completely unheard of. It’s also entirely possible that this live-action Disney remake does get a sequel, following in the footsteps of Disney movies like Maleficent and the as-yet-untitled Lion King 2.

There’s also a whole underwater kingdom to explore through prequel and spin-off Disney Plus shows, so with all that context in mind, here’s what we know about The Little Mermaid post-credit scene. Or, to put it more accurately, whether one actually exists at all.

Does The Little Mermaid have a post-credit scene?

Sorry, landlubbers — there’s no post-credit scene for this particular movie.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t be seeing more of The Little Mermaid live-action cast. The future is as vast as, well, the ocean.

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And remember, even if there isn’t a post-credit scene, it’s always worth watching the credits anyway. Not only will it involve fun Disney songs, visuals, and Easter eggs, but it’s also a great way to take a moment to acknowledge the hard work of everyone who brings new movies like The Little Mermaid to life!

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