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Does The Creator have a post-credits scene?

We love big, bold science fiction, and Gareth Edwards' new movie delivers in every way. Here's the info you need on if The Creator has a post credit scene.

John David Washington in The Creator

Is there a post-credits scene in The Creator? Since moving away from Star Wars, director Gareth Edwards has stuck with sci-fi, and thank god.

The Creator ranks as one of the best movies of the year, and among the best science fiction movies of the decade so far alongside the likes of Dune. If you want to read more praise of the movie, check out our The Creator review. Either way, if you’re a sci-fi fan you’ll undoubtedly be heading to the cinema to see this new movie in all its big-screen glory, and you’ll want to know if The Creator has a post-credits scene.

Does The Creator have an end-credits scene?

The Creator doesn’t have a post-credits scene, which means that you don’t need to stick around for fear of missing any sequel teases.

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Speaking of sequels, while The Creator wasn’t created as the beginning point for a movie series or franchise, however, if the movie is as big of a hit as it deserves to be, a The Creator 2 could be on the horizon. That being said, director Gareth Edwards has been clear that he views The Creator as a single story with an end point. Sometimes, we all need to just appreciate a good ending and not try too desperately to replicate the success again.

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