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What is The Woods in Gen V?

Gen V presents several mysteries within The Boys universe, but Godolkin University holds one secret in particular, and we can tell you what The Woods is.

What is The Woods in Gen V?

What is The Woods in Gen V? A secret lab? In The Boys? Say it ain’t so! Naturally, the spin-off has introduced some very tantalizing mysteries that offer more insight into the universe.

In The Boys, Compound V rules everything, and that continues to be true for Gen V. One of the best TV series of the year (as can be read about in our Gen V review), Gen V brings in several younger members of The Boys cast for another depraved chapter in the universe.

So, what is The Woods in Gen V? What goes on there, and what relevance is there for our characters? Who runs it? These secrets aren’t as classified as you might think, and we can break them all down.

What is The Woods in Gen V?

The Woods is a secret superhero prison hidden below Godolkin University. Experiments on Compound V are conducted there on the likes of Sam, Luke’s brother who was thought to be dead.

The lengths of what goes on in The Woods remains a mystery, but we know it’s not pleasant. Several Supes are kept in locked rooms, fed meals and poked and prodded like mere science experiments. They are the result of undesirable side effects from Compound V.

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Sam, for instance, has heightened physical capabilities, but developed a form of schizophrenia from being injected. Now, The Woods steps in to find out more about how this has happened. Compound V is being weaponized in The Woods, and young people are the guinea pigs.

Indira Shetty, the dean of Godolkin University, appears to be the ringleader, answering to Vought International. But like anything else in The Boys, expect this go deeper and weirder than what we can see for now.

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