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The Boys brutally mock Morbius re-release

Taking to social media, the official Twitter account of the Amazon Prime series, The Boys, has brutally made fun of Sony's re-release of Morbius

The Boys brutally mock Morbius re-release

When it comes to parodying superhero franchises, the Prime Video TV series The Boys doesn’t hold back any punches. Now, the monster movie Morbius has hilariously become its latest victim. Taking to social media, The Boys’ official Vought International Twitter account, brutally teased Sony for its failed attempt to re-release Morbius to the general public.

After receiving abysmal reviews when it released back in April 2022, we have seen Morbius become a meme that has taken the internet by storm. With the whole world collectively screaming, “it’s Morbin’ time,” Sony decided to re-release the film in theatres in early June, but it ended up bombing – only earning $85,000 on the first day it returned to cinemas.

The Amazon original series, The Boys, regularly takes inspiration from the MCU, and DCEU, in a darkly comedic take on superhero franchises. It is a show where heroes are controlled by marketing, sponsorships and their corporate overlords at Vought International. And considering that there is an in-universe superhero movie titled Dawn of the Seven, obviously, the opportunity to poke fun at Sony was too good to pass up.

Posting a ‘behind-the-scenes’ picture of Homeland, Starlight, Queen Maeve, Black Noir, and A-Train on the set of the in-universe film, The Vought International Twitter account teased a re-release of Dawn of the Seven to its followers.

“Dawn Of The Seven is back! Despite still being in theatres, we heard all of your tweets and will be re-releasing the film this week!” the post’s caption reads. “Don’t miss your chance to re-live all the action: use code ITS-MAEVIN-TIME to get a discount on your second ticket until June 30.”

Considering how The Boys has previously made fun of The Batman, The Avengers, and Justice League, Morbius is in good company in the burn unit. It also demonstrates that the Amazon series is by no means attacking Sony, but is instead sticking to its tried and tested marketing strategy in utilising pop culture for its series.

We are curious to see who The Boys will be coming after next. In the meantime, fans can now watch the first four episodes The Boys season 3 exclusively on Prime Video.