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The Boogeyman needed a major change due to this Star Wars connection

The Boogeyman originally had a plot point loosely referencing our favorite galaxy far far away, but this had to be scrapped for one surprising reason.

vivian lyra blair in the boogeyman

Vivian Lyra Blair has had a busy year already, with the youngster having major roles in both The Boogeyman and Star Wars series Obi-Wan Kenobi. But playing young Princess Leia doesn’t come without its sacrifices, with The Boogeyman director Rob Savage revealing in an interview that they had to tweak a major plot point on account of Blair being part of the Obi-Wan Kenobi cast.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Savage explained that he was unaware of Blair’s top-secret Star Wars role when he cast her in the horror movie.

This led to some difficulties because, in the original Boogeyman script, Blair’s character slept with a toy lightsaber to avoid the dark.

“Disney, in all fairness, didn’t want an image in the movie of young Princess Leia with a shitty knockoff lightsaber fritzing out in her hand,” Savage said. “So they said ‘No’ and that we had to come up with something else, and so me and the production team desperately searched for [other] kids’ toys that glow.”

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Savage and the team eventually settled on a moon light, which was utilized in some inventive sequences throughout the monster movie.

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