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How to watch The Black Phone - can I stream the new Ethan Hawke movie?

Ethan Hawke stars in the creepy new horror movie The Black Phone - here's how you can watch the movie and whether you can find it on streaming services

Ethan Hawke in The Black Phone

How can I watch The Black Phone? Legendary actor Ethan Hawke has teamed up with acclaimed director Scott Derrickson once again for another horror movie, after their successful collaboration on Sinister back in 2012. This time, Hawke takes on the role of the antagonist, in what looks to be a terrifying trip.

The Black Phone is a supernatural horror from the popular movie studio Blumhouse, which is usually a good sign that you’re in for a great time at the movies. The Black Phone sees Hawke don some pretty horrifying masks in the role of ‘The Grabber’, as he goes full monster-mode in a story about children being abducted in a suburban town.

If you want to know how to watch The Black Phone, we’ve got you covered here at The Digital Fix. Don’t waste your time browsing the various streaming services, we can save you the hassle and let you know exactly where, when, and how you’ll be able to see this nightmarish version of Ethan Hawke come to life on the screen.

Where can I watch The Black Phone?

They say there’s safety in numbers, which is good news for you if you want to go and see this creepy movie because right now, you can only catch The Black Phone in theatres.

So, book a seat at your local cinema, hold on tight to your popcorn, and get ready for some ghost movie action on the big screen. The Black Phone is in cinemas from June 22.

Can I stream The Black Phone?

At the moment, The Black Phone is a theatrically exclusive release, so it won’t be available on any streaming platform. We will update you as soon as this changes if we hear news of The Black Phone hitting Netflix or Prime Video.

In the US, The Black Phone will be available on Peacock 45 days after its cinematic release, so you don’t have long to wait if you’d prefer to watch it in the comfort of your own home.