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Is Suzume streaming? How to watch Makoto Shinkai’s new anime movie

We tell you how to watch Suzume, the new anime movie from acclaimed director Makoto Shinkai, and whether it's available on streaming services.

Suzume streaming

Is Suzume streaming? A new feature film from Makoto Shinkai is always something to treasure. Recent hits Your Name and Weathering With You have garnered widespread praise for their beauty and storytelling, creating high hopes for Suzume.

You can read our five star Suzume review to understand the anime movie is another masterpiece from the acclaimed filmmaker. Following a young woman who has to help seal away a strange evil before it’s too late, the new movie touches on growing up, finding your adopted family, and feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, among other themes.

One of the anime characters is also a three-legged chair that can talk! The new anime has something for everyone. But in order to see it, you’ll need to know, is Suzume streaming? We can provide some answers.

How can you watch Suzume?

You can watch Suzume in cinemas from April 14, 2023. The film is getting a wide release, making it likely that your local cineplex will have showings, at least for opening weekend.

Dubbed and subbed version will be available, but these will vary by theatre. Make sure to check your local listings to see what you can see.

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Is Suzume streaming?

The Suzume streaming release date hasn’t been revealed as yet. Crunchyroll and Sony have exclusive rights, so expect it to be on that service. This is a welcome change from Your Name and Weathering With You, both of which were mostly VOD releases for home media.

Is Suzume on Netflix?

No, Suzume is not on Netflix. However, it’s not unlikely to wind up there eventually. Many Crunchyroll shows like Demon Slayer and Vinland Saga are also available on Netflix, and Sony has a standing deal with the platform.

When Suzume will get there is a question we can’t answer for now – watch this space. Check out our guides to the best horror anime and best Netflix anime for more great watching.