The Winchesters release date, cast, plot, and more

Supernatural is getting a spin-off series, and we've got all the information on The Winchesters release date, cast, plot, and more right here

The Winchesters release date: Drake Rodger and Meg Donnelly in The Winchesters

What is the Winchesters release date? If you’re a fan of Supernatural and you’re gutted that the sci-fi series has ended, fear not! You can get your fix of otherworldly beasts and fantastical fiends when The Winchesters hits the small screen, a prequel series which will explore the origins of Sam and Dean’s parents, John and Mary.

The original Supernatural series is considered one of the best TV series of all time and starred Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as Dean and Sam Winchester, respectively. That show ran from 2005 to 2020, but now, we get to dive into the family history of this magical family once more, as Ackles narrates the story of his mother and father.

We can’t wait to see more mythological monsters and how John and Mary Winchester handle all of this. But first, you probably need to know what The Winchesters release date is, right? And, who will be starring in the prequel series to bring the Winchester family tree to life? We can’t say we’re magic, but we do have all the answers you seek.

The Winchesters release date speculation

The CW, the network that will air The Winchesters, recently announced its fall 2022 slate. The pilot episode will air on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, with each episode airing at the same time every Tuesday hereafter. It is unclear how many episodes there will be of The Winchesters.

The Winchesters release date: Drake Rodger as John Winchester and Meg Donnelly as Mary Campbell in The Winchesters

The Winchesters trailer

If you can’t wait until the fall, there is a trailer for The Winchesters to keep you going. Jensen Ackles narrates the trailer, and introduces us to his mission to “uncover the truth about his parents.”

YouTube Thumbnail

The trailer is over three minutes long, and takes us back to 1972, where we meet John and Mary Winchester, and get a taste of all the demons and creature they are set to encounter in the series.

The Winchesters release date: The cast of The Winchesters

The Winchesters plot speculation

While we don’t know too many specific details about what The Winchesters plot will entail, we know for certain that this is a prequel to the original Supernatural story, and will focus on Dean and Sam’s parents, John and Mary.

The series will show us how the two met, fell in love, and how the Winchester family came to be. We can also expect to see them battle a variety of mystical demons and fantastical creatures along the way.

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By the sounds of it, both John and Mary’s parents were hunters of mythological beasts too, and the Winchester family clearly has a long history of being mixed up in magic, mystery, and evil spirits.

The Winchesters release date: Meg Donnelly as Mary Winchester

The Winchesters cast

We know that the two lead protagonists in The Winchesters will be John Winchester and Mary Campbell (who will later become Mary Winchester). These two characters will be played by Drake Rodger and Meg Donnelly, respectively.

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Jensen Ackles, who starred in the original Supernatural series, will return, or at least, his voice will. Dean Winchester will narrate the series, as he unravels the story of his parents.

Helping John and Mary in their fight against monsters and demons will be Latika Desai (Nida Khurshid) and Carlos Cervantez (Jojo Fleites), a couple of fellow young hunters.

Rounding out the cast is Bianca Kajlich, who will play Millie Winchester, John’s mother, and Dean and Sam’s grandmother.

The Winchesters cast: 

  • Drake Rodger (John Winchester)
  • Meg Donnelly (Mary Campbell)
  • Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester)
  • Nida Khurshid (Latika Desai)
  • Jojo Fleites (Carlos Cervantez)
  • Bianca Kajlich (Millie Winchester)

That’s all we know about The Winchesters for now, but we will keep hunting for more demonic activity and information about the show. In the meantime, why not check out another sci-fi series with the See season 3 release date guide.