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Succession star Nicholas Braun has an idea for a Tom and Greg spin-off

Nicholas Braun has joked that he and Matthew Macfadyen have an idea for a Succession spin-off starring Tom and Cousin Greg

Greg and Tom Succession

Succession fans know what the real secret of the TV series‘ incredible success is. Yes, Brian Cox is great as the formidable Logan Roy, Jesse Armstrong’s dialogue is still as razor-sharp as ever, and Roman is still TV’s skeeziest scumbag who we love to hate. But those things aren’t what bring us back each week; we come to see Tom and Greg.

Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s undeniable that Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) and Cousin Greg’s (Nicholas Braun) weird bromance is one of the show’s most captivating storylines. Their relationship is just so strange. Do they hate each other? Are they best friends? Does Tom just want to wrestle with Greg? I don’t know, I just like watching them together.

I’m not alone in this if social media’s anything to go by, and the pair’s popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed by Succession’s stars. In fact, Braun recently told Collider that he and Macfadyen have joked about a potential spin-off where Greg and Tom are forced overseas together to run a remote branch of WayStar.

“Matthew and I have spoken about how nice it would be to be in a land where Tom and Greg are just dropped, and they’re told, “You’re gonna be here for five years,” by Logan,” he said. “They could go to Japan or Dubai. It could be Tom and Greg in a foreign land, as bosses of a branch of WayStar. It’d be fun to see those two guys dropped in somewhere.”

Spin-off ideas aside, Braun told Collider that we’d see the relationship between Tom and Greg continue to change this season. Their relationship starts with Tom being quite antagonistic towards his young ward, but the dynamic changes as the pair worries about going to prison over historic wrongdoing at WayStar.

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“Their relationship deepens this year because of what they’re up against together,” Baun explained. “With all of this stuff about avoiding jail and, ‘Will you take the hit for me?’ I felt like that was an important beat for us. I just feel like they go deeper and deeper into the shit together. There’s a nice allegiance that is getting stronger.”

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