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Spirited Away cosplayer wanted by Taiwan police

Police in Taiwan are on the lookout for someone cosplaying as a character from the anime movie Spirited Away, after they committed some traffic violations.

Spirited Away

You shouldn’t interrupt traffic, in general, or in cosplay, even if you’re doing something from the best anime movie. Someone cosplaying as an anime character from the Studio Ghibli movie Spirited Away is currently wanted in Taiwan because of an ill-advised prank.

Taiwan News reports that the costumed anime fan appeared on a motorway in eastern Japan on April 24. While there, the person lay down and posed among oncoming cars, creating some disruption by also  walking back and forth in their No-Face costume

Locals were unhappy, as you might imagine, and the incident lasted for about 20 minutes before the costumed person vacated the area. Now, they’re subject to an inquiry from Taiwan police.

You can see footage of the animated movie fan on this TTV News report.

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If nothing else, doing this was extremely dangerous. Cosplay photoshoots aren’t worth the trouble! You can celebrate the best anime series without risking your life or getting the law on your tail.

In Spirited Away, easily one of the best movies ever made, No-Face is a strange creature who befriends protagonist Chihiro. They’re touched by Chihiro’s kindness when she saves them, accompanying the girl on her journey.

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