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Steven Spielberg warms hearts reuniting with cast from his best movies

Steven Spielberg warmed many hearts when he recently was reunited with the cast from some of his best movies, and in the most lovely context, too.

Steven Spielberg and Drew Barrymore on the set of E.T. the extra-terrestrial

Steven Spielberg has assembled some of the most impressive casts ever because his films, from Jurassic Park to The Fabelmans, are some of the best movies of all time — simple.

Some of the best Steven Spielberg movies are largely propelled by their ensembles, like the sturdy main trio in Jaws or the impressive child actors in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

It makes sense, then, that two beloved stars from E.T. and the Indiana Jones movies came out to support him when he received the Time 100 Impact Award on April 26, resulting in a reunion that warmed hearts.

Steven Spielberg, Drew Barrymore, and Ke Huy Quan

Drew Barrymore, who played the lovable Gertie in E.T., and Ke Huy Quan who was Short Round in Temple of Doom. Variety reports Quan said, “Steven introduced me to this world where his imagination lived and invited me in. He showed me how much fun we can have when we let our creativity be our guide. My life has [been] made so much better because of him.”

In Spielberg’s acceptance speech, which you can watch below, he said he had “never been prouder” than when he found 6-year-old Barrymore in 1981 and 11-year-old Ke in 1983.

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