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Tony Gilroy won’t direct Andor season 2 because it’s “just too huge”

Season 1 of the Star Wars series has only just begun, but Andor creator Tony Gilroy is already looking ahead to season 2, as revealed in an interview


Star War series Andor has been one of the most well-received spin-off shows Disney Plus has ever done, as it expands the story around Star Wars character Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) and shows us how he became the person we met in Star Wars movie Rogue One.

The sci-fi series has just begun, but the House of Mouse is already looking ahead to Andor season 2. Although, there is one person who will be taking a step back for the TV series’ second whirl around the galaxy: showrunner Tony Gilroy.

Gilroy, who created the series, revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that as much as he would like to, he will not be directing Andor season 2.

“I can’t. This job is just too huge,” he said. “I don’t have the time to spare. It’s a really poor use of my time. Ari Kleiman [director] is out in Pinewood. We start shooting in November. He started prepping three weeks ago. He’s got his hands full out there just to get to November. There was some fantasy that I would end up doing the last block, but I just can’t, to be honest with you.”

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In his discussion with THR, Gilroy also shared how the power of Star Wars can impact people on set and behind the scenes. “In every department, we’ve had all kinds of people come in, and they know it’s Star Wars, so they change their behavior. They change their attitude. They change their thing,” he said. “And you go, ‘Wait, no. Do your thing. You’re here because we want you to be real.’ So it’s a testament to the potent power of Star Wars. It really gets into people’s heads, but to change the lane and do it this way, it takes a little effort.”

Andor episodes are currently releasing weekly on Disney Plus. To find out more about the galaxy far, far away, here’s Darth Vader explained.