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Star Wars: The Mandalorian star wants karaoke bar in season 4

The Mandalorian cast already have some ideas for season 4 of the Star Wars series, and spoiler alert, karaoke bars in space are on the table

Star Wars: The Mandalorian star wants karaoke bar in season 4

There is no denying that The Mandalorian is one of the most beloved Star Wars series to date. Telling the story of the bounty hunter and little Grogu, fans of the franchise have been gripped since its debut in 2019. And now, with The Mandalorian season 3 release date fast approaching, we are all anxious to know what is next for the intergalactic adventure.

However, despite season 3 still being on its way, The Mandalorian cast have gone beyond our expectations and are already brainstorming ideas for season 4 instead. Speaking with IMDb, actors Pedro Pascal and Emily Swallow – who play the Star Wars characters Din Djarin and Armorer – joked about what The Mandalorian season 4 may look like, as well as potential spin-off ideas.

In the promotional clip, tons of ideas were thrown about, including Armorer’s potential love of show tunes. “I try to just suggest where the Armorer could go. You know, because maybe she’s not just an Armorer,” Swallow said. “Maybe she has other hopes and dreams. Maybe she would like to open a little karaoke bar for her Mandalorian friends.”

“The setups that we have for season 4 are incredible,” Pascal also added, chiming in about more thoughts they have had for the next chapter in the sci-fi series. “It’s been amazing; these are golden nuggets. We’ve got daddy issues, a karaoke bar, a relationship to Moff [Gideon]…”

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Jokes aside, the two actors’s banter does indicate that The Mandalorian season 4 is definitely on its way after season 3 hits our small screens in 2023. Speaking with The Direct, Katee Sackhoff (who plays Bo Katan) assured Star Wars fans that they “[won’t] be lacking for [Star Wars] content any time soon”, hinting that The Mandalorian still has plenty of chapters under its belt.

The Mandalorian season 3 is set to hit the streaming service Disney Plus in February 2023. While we wait for Mando’s big return, fans can now watch TV series such as Andor and all the Star Wars movies on Disney’s platform.