This Star Wars legend became one of Queen Elizabeth II last knights

A Star Wars icon has been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, in her final round of honorary knighthoods that she approved before her death.

John Williams in a cameo role in Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

A Star Wars legend became one of the last people to be knighted by the late Queen Elizabeth II, who died earlier this month aged 96.

A report published by The Daily Mail states that the former monarch approved one final round of honorary knighthoods before her death, and that these included a knighthood for cinema icon John Williams. Honorary knighthoods are reserved for foreign nationals who aren’t UK citizens, and are awarded to those who are deemed to have made major contributions at an international or national level.

The next movie to feature a John Williams score will be the Steven Spielberg movie The Fabelmans. Williams has worked with Spielberg throughout his career, creating the score for all except five of the great director’s movies.

Unfortunately for fans of the composer’s scores, Williams (now aged 90) is set to retire from scoring movies after Indiana Jones 5. He will leave behind an insurmountable legacy of some of the greatest movie scores ever made.

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Some of the composer’s highlights include the scores for: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Jaws, E.T. and Jurassic Park. That’s a stunning list, and means that Williams ranks among the best composers of all time.

His honorary knighthood is only further recognition of that fact.  And, perhaps it could even be an indicator that Queen Elizabeth II herself was a fan of his work.

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