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Diego Luna didn’t worry about his character dying when making Andor

Diego Luna reprises his role as Cassian Andor in the new Star Wars series, and the idea of his character dying didn't affect his performance

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in Star Wars: Rogue One

Get ready Star Wars fans, because there’s a new TV series from a galaxy far, far away heading to our screens very soon. The Andor release date is just around the corner, and we spoke to lead actor Diego Luna about the fact he is essentially playing a doomed character in the sci-fi series.

If you remember the Star Wars movie Rogue One, where we first meet Cassian Andor, he is a fully-fledged rebel who gives his life to the cause at the end of the film. With Andor, we go back a few years and see just how this Star Wars character became the man he is in Rogue One.

In an interview with The Digital Fix, Luna spoke about how the fact his character ultimately dies didn’t really affect the way he is playing him in this new Star Wars series.

“When you approach a character, you always know the end of the character. In fact, we all know the end, we’re all living a prequel, you know. We all know the end, and it’s gonna get to us.”

“What you’re building is what’s in between, you know, what’s different with this one is the beginning, we get to choose, you know, therefore we have the freedom to choose which way we’re going to get to that point [of Cassian’s death] you’re talking about. We know what the character is capable of. But we don’t know why. With this series, we get to explain why,” Luna explained.

“Even though I had a backstory in my head when I was playing Cassian, there is very little information about Cassian Andor. In Rogue One, that is basically a film about an event, not the characters, you don’t get to know much about them. Now we do, now our focus is on getting to know these people and getting to know Cassian,” he added.

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You’ll get to see exactly what Luna is talking about when the first three episodes of Andor drop on the streaming service Disney Plus on September 21.

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