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New Star Trek season saved, and is now headed to Netflix

Animated series Star Trek Prodigy has been through a lot, being renewed, then cancelled, then pulled from Paramount Plus. But Netflix is here to save the day!

Star Trek Prodigy

Paramount Plus has become the home of the new age of Star Trek, with three live-action and two animated series nearly all finding success. After animated series Star Trek Prodigy was initially renewed for a second season in November 2021, it was then cancelled and the first season was pulled altogether from the streaming service in June 2023.

However, there is good news for Star Trek Prodigy fans! Creators Dan and Kevin Hageman have made an announcement on Twitter that reads; “A message to our incredible fans from us and Alex Kurtzman. Happy to share that Star Trek Prodigy has found a NEW HOME! Star Trek: Prodigy is coming to Netflix later in 2023, and all-new episodes in 2024.”

Paramount Plus removed Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies, Queen of the Universe, and The Game at the same time as Star Trek Prodigy – in a shock move. Netflix will actually be the third home for Prodigy – as its target audience is younger viewers, it originated on Nickelodeon – before migrating to Paramount Plus, along with the rest of the Star Trek series.

Star Trek Prodigy is about six alien teenagers who commandeer a derelict Starfleet vessel, initially not knowing anything about the starship or about Starfleet. Kate Mulgrew is amongst the voice cast, as a hologram of one of the best Star Trek characters – Janeway – who advises and trains the motley crew in the ways of Starfleet.

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Star Trek Lower Decks is the other animated series in the Star Trek universe, which is more well-known than Prodigy – with a slightly older target audience. Lower Decks got to have a crossover episode with the live-action Strange New Worlds earlier this year, which became an instant fan-favorite season 2 episode.

Star Trek Prodigy season 2 announcement

After Paramount Plus became such a central hub for all thing Star Trek, it will be strange to see series popping up elsewhere – but this is obviously great news for fans of Star Trek Prodigy. Netflix may be trigger-happy when it comes to canceling their own series, but they can save canceled shows as well!

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