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Moopsy in Star Trek Lower Decks, explained

Star Trek Lower Decks season 4 has arrived on Paramount Plus, and it's introduced audiences to one of the cutest and most terrifying aliens ever. The Moopsy.

Geordi rejecting a Moopsy in Star Trek lower decks

What is the Moopsy in Star Trek Lower Decks, and have we seen it before? Lower Decks loves contradictions, because contradictions can be funny. The incompetent Pakleds as wannabe warmongers? Highly intelligent and capable crew members who are too awkward and chaotic to really make it?

This is Star Trek Lower Decks’ bread and butter. Now, in the animated Star Trek series second episode of its fourth season (which is new on Paramount Plus now) we’ve got another walking contradiction. An extremely cute little alien, who is also horrifically terrifying. The show’s Star Trek characters come face to face with the Moopsy while visiting a galactic menagerie and we’re desperate to learn more. Here’s everything we know about the Moopsy, including its origins and if we’ve seen it before.

What is the Moopsy in Star Trek Lower Decks?

The Moopsy is a small, quadrupedal alien with white fur and large round eyes. Introduced into Star Trek in Lower Decks season 4 episode 2, the Moopsy is kept in a menagerie owned by an individual named Narj. It was freed from its cage and unleashed by a pair of humans who wanted to take the station over for themselves.

The moopsy in star Trek lower decks

It is an incredibly cute, and incredibly dangerous creature which can drink the bones of other aliens (including the Pyrithian Swamp Gobblers) by plunging its large, sharp teeth into them, turning them into a boneless sack of flesh. The Moopsy is also extremely intelligent, and is able to operate the station’s control room. We don’t know what planet the Moopsy comes from, but it’s probably the apex predator with its horrific power.

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What we do know is that we’re now desperate for a Moopsy plush doll, or something similar, and we’d love to see the creature come back to Star Trek in some form. Perhaps SNW might be the ones who discover the Moopsy planet?

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