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Jonathan Frakes reveals “secrets” to this Star Trek movie’s success

Jonathan Frakes recently revealed the secrets to the success of one Star Trek movie, and it might surprise you to hear it involved a cast member.

Patrick Stewart in Star Trek Picard season 3

Star Trek is having a major resurgence, largely due to one of the best streaming services putting so much behind the franchise. With multiple movies in the back catalogue and Picard season 3 airing, it’s a great time to be a fan.

The Star Trek timeline may be a bit complicated, but it’s worth looking into, with so much history to call back to. Jonathan Frakes, who is William Riker in Picard, has been doing just that.

Talking about one of the Star Trek movies, Frakes credited a great deal of its success to a certain cast member.

Talking about Alice Krige’s involvement with First Contact and her voice work as the Borg Queen in Picard, Frakes told ComicBook “There was a body double who played the Borg and did the lines. Alice’s voice was dubbed in over the actress’ performance. I don’t know what that was particularly about, but I think everybody wanted it to be Alice because she’s fabulous.”

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“She’s one of the great secrets to why First Contact was successful. The company was great, but Alice and Alfre Woodard and James Cromwell as the guest stars on that show I think heightened this and made that movie more successful than it was already going to be because the script was bulletproof from Ron [Moore] and Brannon [Braga].”

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