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Jonathan Frakes promises Star Trek Discovery season 5 has “new energy”

Needless to say, things got a little bit dark and gloomy in Star Trek Discovery season 4. But director Jonathan Frakes is confident season 5 will change that.


In Star Trek Discovery season 4, things got a bit dramatic for everyone on board the Discovery starship. The latest outing of the prequel series, which takes place a decade before the events of Star Trek: The Original Series, proved to be one its most divisive yet, as fans didn’t know what to make of season 4’s markedly darker and more dramatic themes.

But as we inch closer to Star Trek Discovery season 5, Jonathan Frakes, former Star Trek The Next Generation cast member and recurring Trek director, has assured us that some of the whimsy we’ve sorely missed will make a welcome return. Apparently, the Star Trek series got some particular studio feedback that’s become part of the MO.

You only have to watch all the Star Trek movies in order to know that it’s vital to get the balance between drama and fun right, and the finest films and shows manage to do that. In a new interview with Star Trek Explorer magazine, Frakes stressed that maintaining that balance was his top priority as get closer to the Star Trek Discovery season 5 release date.

“Discovery is back on track as an action-adventure show, and I guess they got their marching orders to maintain that,” he told the outlet. “Everybody has embraced it, from Michelle Paradise and Alex, down through the cast. There’s a new energy and a new mandate.”

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Frakes, who originated the role of Star Trek character William T. Riker, has already been confirmed to be directing the penultimate episode of Discovery season 5. And in his mission to make it the best TV series episode ever, Frakes is taking inspiration from an iconic Stephen Spielberg movie.

“The first half of the season finale of Discovery, by the way, is Indiana Jones this year instead of the heavy emo of season four,” he explained.
“It was a thrill for me to find some levity in some of those scenes. That’s why First Contact’ was successful, because you build and then add just a little levity to let them steam out, so you can restart. That’s why Deadpool is such a fabulous franchise, because it doesn’t hurt. Audiences can handle levity. The Indiana Jones reference is a perfect example. Nobody does that better than Spielberg.”

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