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Spider-verse 2 - Does Miles Morales use web shooters?

Spider-Man's webs can be surprisingly complex. Here's what we know on Miles Morales' use of web shooters in Into the Spider-Verse and Across the Spider-Verse.

Miles Morals in Across the Spider-Verse

Does Miles use web shooters in Spider-Verse? Here’s everything you need to know about Miles Morales’ powers, and if his Spider-abilities allow him to shoot webs organically or artificially.

With Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse, Miles Morales has easily established himself as one of the greatest Spider-Men across the multiverse. Into the Spider-Verse was one of the best movies of its year, and the Spider-Verse 2 release date is swinging towards us to continue the story of young Miles Morales now that he’s come to terms with his new Spider-powers.

But as part of those powers, does Miles Morales have natural web-making abilities or does he use web shooters? It seems like in each of the Spider-Man movies, the titular Spider-Men have different ways of shooting out their fluids (as discussed in No Way Home) so it’s a good question.

Does Miles Morales use web shooters in Spider-Verse?

In Spider-Verse Miles Morales does use web shooters to shoot synthetic webs, as he doesn’t organically create webs unlike Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man.

Miles Morales gets given his web shooters by Peter Parker’s Aunt May. These shoot synthetic webbing which mimics the properties of genuine spider silk.

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While Miles Morales’ ability to shoot webs isn’t part of his natural spider powers, his superhuman strength, agility, wall crawling powers, and Spider-Sense are all natural gifts that Miles Morales now has after his spider bite.

In Spider-Verse 2, we could see Miles Morales getting an upgrade to his shooters. And, there’s no doubt that the many Spider-People the young webslinger will meet will have a variety of weird and wonderful ways in which they each shoot their webs.

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