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Garfield and Maguire viewed No Way Home as “Tom’s movie”

Tom Holland was very nervous about Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire arriving on the set of No Way Home, but they viewed it as his movie, Garfield says


Andrew Garfield and Zendaya have been reminiscing about shooting Spider-Man: No Way Home in a new interview – Variety’s Actors on Actors. While they were supposed to be there to talk about their prestigious drama series – Euphoria and Under the Banner of Heaven – they couldn’t resist bringing up some inside jokes that they shared on the set of the Marvel movie.

Zendaya, who plays MJ – and is in a relationship with her Spider-Man co-star Tom Holland – confessed to Garfield that he was anxious about previous Spider-Men Garfield and Maguire being on-set; “What’s really funny when I think about it, is Tom was so nervous about you guys coming in. He was like, ‘I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes.'”

Garfield responded; “He never let anything on to us. Me and Tobey were like, “This is Tom’s movie. It’s your guys’ movie.” And it was like, if we can help…” It is a kind of unique situation – playing an iconic character and then having two actors who have also played the same character turn up on-set with you.

It certainly sounds as though the three Spideys ended up having a whale of a time on-set, as Zendaya says; “We were like, ‘I think they don’t know how much fun we like to have when we’re doing this job.'” And Garfield responds; “It became evident very quick.” Zendaya says; “I’m pissing myself laughing, I was dying. You guys had me dying — like crying laughing — in between takes all the time.”

The set of No Way Home certainly sounds like a relief from playing drug addict Rue in Euphoria, or a Mormon detective on the trail of killers of a young woman and child in Under the Banner of Heaven.

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