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Sons of Anarchy star had one condition for Mayans MC return

This Sons of Anarchy star made his way back to the drama series for Mayans MC, but the actor had a very specific condition for his comeback.

Emilio Rivera and Kim Coates in Mayans MC

After appearing in the original Sons of Anarchy TV series, actor Kim Coates made his way back into the world of Motorcycle gangs when he appeared in Mayans MC season 4. Now, the star has revealed the one thing he demanded to make the return happen.

Coates played Tig Trager across seven seasons of the drama series and become a real fan favourite among the show’s audience. It’s no surprise then, that Coates was brought back for the spin-off series about the Mayans, the rivals of the old SAMCRO gang.

With the Mayans MC season 5 release date on the way, Coates has been speaking to Collider about why he came back and what his wishes were for his character this time around.

When asked if he ever expected to return, Coates said: “I never really thought about me coming on, but I knew that I didn’t die as Tig Trager and I knew that bikerdom world of Charming was still very much alive.”

Coates recalled his excitement at getting the call, but he had one demand: “I remember getting very tingly excited about it, but I was dead serious and wasn’t fucking around when I said, ‘You have to tell Elgin [James, the co-creator] yeah, but there’s gotta be some stuff. I’ve gotta work.”

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It seems Coates’ only desire was that he had a meaty role to play in the Mayans world. “I don’t wanna do a little cameo, just to be in a back alley and to be at a table and say, ‘Stop fighting.’ And I said that I’d love to work with Emilio.”

Those wishes came true, and now we have the best of both worlds as Sons of Anarchy meets Mayans MC in perfect harmony. Until season 5 rolls around, why not check out our guides to the best movies of all time, or explore all the new movies coming this year.