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Sons of Anarchy fans name the saddest part about the whole TV series

A Reddit discussion has erupted over one of Sons of Anarchy's most beloved characters, and their sad fate at the end of the drama series.

Sons of Anarchy

There was an awful lot of death and dark subject matters explored during the seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy. Pretty much no character was left unscathed from violence, punishment, revenge or some other consequence of their criminal lifestyles. While none of the adult characters in Sons of Anarchy could exactly be described as ‘innocent,’ some deaths were sadder than others – and fans seem agreed on which was the saddest of all.

On the Sons of Anarchy Reddit, a discussion has recently been had over the fate of fan-favorite character Juice Ortiz (Theo Rossi). User Sladeshied says; “Every character in the show has a sad fate, but Juice’s stands out because I never would expect him to go from a wise-cracking hacker to a weak desperate guilt-ridden rat who gets raped in prison by Nazi Marilyn Manson and Chinese gangsters and shanked after finishing his slice of pie.”

Other commentators chimed in with; “His story had such a sad ending. Let me finish my pie,” and “There’s such a child-like innocence to that line. He wasn’t built for the outlaw biker lifestyle,” and “Most pitiful and sad character ending ever.”

Juice was a particularly tragic figure, as he had no family outside of the club – and he considered the club his family. He fears being alone, begins to mentally unravel, and makes bad decisions. Juice has a conscience, and his feelings of guilt conflict with his loyalty to the club and being desperate to preserve his position in the club. Ultimately, Juice becomes a liability and has to be disposed of, although Juice does gain some control over the manner of his own death at the end. Theo Rossi was an undoubted highlight of the Sons of Anarchy cast, bringing a lot of complexity to the role.

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