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Solar Opposites season 4 cast, trailer, plot, reviews, and more news

Our Solar Opposites season 4 guide covers when our favorite Schlorpian invaders and their adorable Pupa returned in the animated series for season 4 and more.

Solar Opposites season 4 release date: Terry, korvo, Yummyulack, Jessie

Who’s in the Solar Opposites season 4 cast? Planet Shlorp was a perfect utopia until the asteroid hit. One hundred adults… no, you know what? We’re not doing this. We did the whole meta thing with the Solar Opposites season 3 guide, and it was a lot of work, and no one but me liked it. You, people, don’t deserve my genius (Editor: I think we’re still doing the whole meta thing).

Created by Mike McMahan, Solar Opposites is an animated series about aliens stranded on Earth, learning our weird human ways, and trying to fit in, and it’s been one of Hulu’s biggest success stories.

Honestly, it’s one of the best TV series of recent years and a fantastic blend of silly sci-fi antics and typical sitcom tropes with just a dash of meta-commentary thrown in for good measure. It’s basically Rick and Morty without the cynicism, to be honest. But who’s in the Solar Opposites season 4 cast, and what did the reviews say?

Solar Opposites season 4 release date and reviews

Solar Opposites season 4 was released on Monday, August 14, 2024. Solar Opposites’ fourth season was officially announced in June 2021.

The fourth season of Solar Opposites was generally well received with critics praising Dan Stevens’ Korvi, the return to some classic Solar Opposites locations (Wooden City everyone!), and the quality of the voice stars.

But Collider wrote that they thought the addition of the Silver Cops was an unnecessary subplot. Ahh well, you can’t please them all, I guess.

Solar Opposites season 4 release date: Terry, Korvo, Yummyulack, Jessie

Who’s in the Solar Opposites season 4 cast?

Thomas Middleditch, Sean Giambrone, and Mary Mack all returned as Terry, Yumuulack, and Jesse, while season 4 also introduced Dan Stevens to the Solar Opposites cast as the new Korvo.  

Who’s in the Solar Opposites season 4 cast? 

  • Dan Stevens as Korvo
  • Thomas Middleditch as Terry
  • Sean Giambrone as Yumyulack
  • Mary Mack as Jesse
  • Sagan McMahan as the Pupa
  • Christina Hendricks as Cherie
  • Sterling K. Brown as Halk Hogam
  • Sutton Foster as Sister Sisto
  • Kieran Culkin as Glen
  • Christopher Meloni as LoneSun
  • Kari Wahlgren as Mrs Frankie
  • Rob Schrab as Principal Cooke

Solar Opposites season 4 release date: Korvo looks at Pupa annoyed

Is Justin Roiland in Solar Opposites season 4?

Justin Roiland did not return for Solar Opposites season 4. 

On January 25, 2023, 20th Television Animation and Hulu Originals released a statement declaring they had ended their association with Roiland after he was charged with felony domestic battery and false imprisonment. Roiland denies the allegations made against him.

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Who replaced Justin Roiland as Korvo on Solar Opposites?

On June 20, 2023, it was announced that Dan Stevens was replacing Roiland as Korvo on Solar Opposites.

Stevens is best known for playing David in the thriller movie The Guest and Matthew Crawley in the TV series Downtown Abbey.

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What’s Solar Opposites season 4 about?

Solar Opposites season 4 continues the plot of ‘The Wall’, and also addresses the change in voice cast within the first few moments.

The series began with a meta joke about Korvo’s voice suddenly sounding different. It was explained to us through flashbacks, showing Korvo getting involved in a darts throwing accident and coming across a voice-changing ray. The audience was also told not to complain. Classic!

The last time we saw the tiny kingdom, it had been taken over by a dangerous cult of Jessie who believed Pezzlie was their messiah. The Wall story arc continues in season 4, and the season takes on a darker tone, more akin to that of Game of Thrones than the wacky sci-fi misadventures we’re used to.

There was also a full episode that was essentially dedicated to AISHA (the supercomputer character) and followed her date with her human romantic interest. There’s also a lot more time dedicated to Jesse’s journey, who learns to stand up for herself and find some agency.

Overall, the move away from sci-fi is integrated into the show’s plot quite nicely. The protagonists being aliens merely becomes a side detail, and the tone of this season seems to be a little more exploratory and adventurous with different themes and genres.

Solar Opposites season 4 release date: The Wall survivors

How many episodes does Solar Opposites season 4 have?

Solar Opposites season 4 has 12 new episodes, which is one more than we got in season 3, so suck it, past us! 

Solar Opposites season 4 release date: Terry, korvo, Yummyulack, Jessie

Where can I watch Solar Opposites season 4?

You can watch Solar Opposites season 4 in the US on the streaming service Hulu.

Here in the UK, meanwhile, you can watch it on Disney Plus, because we don’t have Hulu…

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