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Severance cast was genuinely “dazzled” by dance scene, says Adam Scott

Adam Scott, who plays main character Mark in critically-acclaimed series Severance, says that the cast were genuinely surprised by the dance party


Severance was one of the most critically-acclaimed TV series of the year, with its unique blend of drama and science fiction. The incredible production design led to many stand-out visual sequences, and one of the most memorable is the dance party in episode seven.

The most rebellious of the team members, Helly (Britt Lower) has reached a milestone in her number-crunching, and is rewarded with a five-minute Music Dance Experience. She is allowed to chose one music genre, and one accessory – plumping for the maraca, when according to John Turturro’s Irving, she should have gone for the castanets. She chooses Defiant Jazz and Tramell Tillman’s Milchick clicks a remote which turns the hideous fluorescent lighting into disco lights.

Speaking to Seth Myers, Adam Scott (who plays main character Mark) said that the disco lights were a welcome surprise. “It ended up taking about two days to shoot that whole scene. The thing that Ben (Stiller, director) had kept from us and surprised us with on the day was [to do with] the fluorescent lights we had been living with for months and months.”

Scott continued; “Once the music starts, Tramell Tillman, who plays Milchick, hits a remote control and they turn into disco lights. The entire ceiling…and we had no idea that was going to happen. The reaction you see of us kind of marveling at these lights are actual actors that have been trapped in this room for nine months being dazzled by disco lights.”

Severance had many surprising twists and turns, with shocking reveals and the finale being particularly critically-acclaimed. Everyone is now wondering where the Apple TV hit will go in its second season. A blink-and-you’ll-miss-it teaser for season two was surprise-dropped recently and filming is due to begin soon.

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