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Does Gale die in Scream 6?

Scream 6 is packed with brutal kills but are the legacy characters safe? Here we answer if Gale Weathers dies in Scream 6 once and for all.

Scream 6 Gale: Gale Weathers on the phone with Ghostface in Scream 6

Does Gale die in Scream 6? Over the years, there have been plenty of Ghostface victims in Wes Craven’s Scream franchise. We have seen stabbings, TV sets to the head, and even the main character kicking the bucket.

And in the new horror movie Scream 6, we are now playing by franchise rules – meaning that everyone, including legacy characters – can be Ghostface‘s next target. The latest Scream movie follows Sam and her friends to New York City, where Gale Weathers is back on top in the journalistic and murder reporting game. However, like every previous thriller movie in this horror series, Gale soon finds herself facing the masked murderer once again.

But with a new crew of central victims, Sidney retired from being the final girl, and Dewey gone (RIP) – let’s be honest – Gale’s odds of surviving didn’t look great going into Scream 6. But, does her luck actually run out? Here we answer the big question: does Gale die in Scream 6? So, buckle in and get ready for some heavy spoilers!

Does Gale die in Scream 6?

Good news, horror fans! Gale does not die in Scream 6. That is right. After six slasher movies, our favourite sassy reporter has managed to best Ghostface once again. However, in this new movie, she did come close to meeting her maker.

In Scream 6, Gale and Ghostface have a showdown in her New York Apartment. The killer breaks into her home and calls her on her phone – kickstarting the classic slasher cat-and-mouse game. While the killer does manage to kill her hunky new boyfriend, ultimately, he fails to end Gale’s life.

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Instead of getting the job done, Gale is left with a very serious (but not fatal) stab wound after Sam, and the rest of the gang come to her rescue just in time. In the Scream 6 ending, Kirby Reed tells Sam and Tara that Gale is in the hospital and is still alive – fully confirming that the iconic character is still around in the franchise.

So, that means that if Scream 7 does get the green light, Gale could make a return once again. And considering how Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott is retired from the franchise at this point, Gale’s continued appearance in the horror series is a welcomed factor for all of us long-time Scream fans.

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