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The best Robin Williams movie is now streaming on Netflix

The best movie from acclaimed actor Robin Williams has been added to Netflix, allowing users to see a nostalgic classic from the '90s whenever they choose.

Robin Williams in Dead Poets Soceity

Robin Williams has made some of the best movies ever, and now one of the highlights of his career is available on Netflix. Not to rock the boat too much, but we’d argue it’s the best family movie featuring the acclaimed actor — the one and only Hook.

A beloved ’90s movie directed by Steven Spielberg, the premise has Williams playing an older Peter Pan. In this version, Peter’s forgotten about his life in Neverland, becoming a boring middle-aged lawyer. His family’s humdrum life is disrupted when movie villain Captain Hook takes his kids away, pushing Peter to discover his past.

Thus, we get a tour of Neverland post the events of the original Disney movie. You have the Lost Boys and Tinkerbell, all of whom are stunned to see Peter back. Of course, Hook is as well, leading to a glorious showdown.

For a certain generation, Hook holds an incredibly special place in our hearts. You’ve got Williams in flying form (literally), demonstrating the magic of imagination and staying young at heart.

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Dustin Hoffman hams up his performance as Hook, and Julia Roberts portrays Tinkerbell. Bob Hoskins and Dante Basco are in the cast as well  — it’s a genuine nexus point of beloved filmmakers. And now both US and UK subscribers can see it as part of the standard Netflix price.

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