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Return to Silent Hill release date speculation, plot, and more

Here's everything you should know about the Return to Silent Hill release date as Christophe Gans returns to the horror movie based on Konami's games.

Return to Silent Hill release date

When is the Return to Silent Hill release date? After more than 15 years, director Christophe Gans is planning to go back to Silent Hill for another horror movie. Felling some unfinished business from his 2006 feature, this second outing looks to go even deeper into the town and the franchise as a whole.

Part of a relaunch for the storied property, Gans is making this in full collaboration with Konami, which publishes the horror games. Silent Hill has been dormant for many moons, after the middling reception to the video game movie Silent Hill Revelations and the game Silent Hill Homecoming in 2012 pushed the franchise into purgatory. We almost got a different horror movie, Silent Hills, from Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, but Hideo’s split from Konami was the end of that.

After years of false starts and little hope, we’re finally back on the roads towards the ghostly, foggy townstead. When can we expect the Return to Silent Hill release date to complete the journey? What games will the picture draw from, and is there anything to look at yet? We have some answers – whether, or you’ll like them is another story.

Return to Silent Hill release date speculation

As of April 2023, we don’t know the Return to Silent Hill release date. We do have a good idea of when the thriller movie will film, however. Producer Alan Jones tweeted after the announcement that cameras roll “in February [2023], completed late 2023.”

From the time of writing, that’s very soon and could mean a 2024 release window. We can only hope, and we’ll keep you informed all the while.

Return to Silent Hill release date: Pyramid Head in Silent Hill

Return to Silent Hill plot speculation

We know the Return to Silent Hill plot will be based on the second videogame in the series. Director Christophe Gans said: “The film tells the story of a young guy coming back to silent Hill, where he has known a great love. What he’s going to find is pure nightmare.”

Easily the most beloved of the survival games, Silent Hill 2 is, as Gans describes, about a man, James Sunderland, who goes to the creepy town after receiving a note seemingly from his dead wife, Mary. What he finds is a terrifying ordeal where he’s psychologically skewered in order to accept the terrible deeds of his past.

Horrific creatures like Pyramid Head stalk him as he tries to make his way through the endless labyrinth that is Silent Hill. Taking inspiration from Silent Hill 2 is the way to go for any film, but it sets a lofty standard for filmmakers to follow.

This wasn’t the only announcement related to that game either, a remake was revealed. Have a look at our sister site The Loadout’s Silent Hill 2 remake guide for more on that, as well PCGamesN’s look at the Silent Hill 2 system requirements.

Return to Silent Hill release date

Return to Silent Hill trailer speculation

There’s no Return to Silent Hill trailer yet but we do have the announcement video. This contains insight from the director, as well as producer Victor Hadida, as they outline their vision for the film.

Among their comments are plenty of images of concept art, as well as clips from the 2006 movie, and Silent Hill 2. This was part of a livestream Konami held to discuss the future of the Silent Hill franchise.

YouTube Thumbnail

Gans confirms Pyramid Head is coming back, and they talk up their takes on all Silent Hill’s terrors. “The monsters are one of the key elements that fans are waiting for,” Hadida states. “We are updating those in a way that the creation is similar, but they will be striking.”

Return to Silent Hill release date

Return to Silent Hill cast speculation

Jeremy Irvine is set to play James Sunderland, while Hannah Emily Anderson will play his wife, Mary, in the Return to Silent Hill. 

Here’s the known Return to Silent Hill cast:

  • Jeremy Irvine as James Sunderland
  • Hannah Emily Anderson as Mary Sunderland

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