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Arnold Schwarzenegger sh*t himself while working out for Predator

There's a valuable lesson to be learned from Arnold Schwarzenegger's training for Predator, which is, if you work too hard you may crap your pants

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch in Predator

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the biggest and best action movie stars of all time, with a ridiculously ripped body and a unique charm to his performances. None of that comes easy though, and it turns out that muscle-bound body comes at a price, after it was revealed that the actor shit himself while working out for the ‘80s movie Predator.

Schwarzenegger is perhaps best known for his role as the titular Terminator in the thriller movie series, but between shooting the first and second movie of that franchise, the actor helped to spark another franchise. Predator is part action, part horror movie, and Arnie played the lead role in the very first instalment of the monster movie saga.

The cast for Predator was pretty much all male, including the likes of Carl Weathers, so it should come as no surprise that testosterone got the better of the boys and meant they were constantly competing on the set of the sci-fi movie. Back in 2017, while speaking at Beyond Fest, Arnie recalled one fateful workout which led to a rather unfortunate accident.

“When you’re in Mexico, you eat the wrong thing and inevitably the shit hits the fan,” Schwarzenegger explained. “So I went on an early morning run, and all of a sudden, I started throwing up.”

“I tried to be ballsy, wiped my mouth, and continued on running, but then all of a sudden it came out the other side,” the actor admitted. “So I had to quickly run to the side of the road and pull my pants down.”

“I tell you, I was in big, big trouble that day. So it was not five miles that day, it was much, much less than that,” Schwarzenegger concluded.

So, you see children, while exercise is important, but diet is crucial to a healthy body. Thanks for the lesson, Arnie! On this occasion, it would seem the Mexican food stole Arnie’s line and made good on the promise, “I’ll be back!”