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Outlander star Sophie Skelton says happiness won’t last long in season 6

Sophie Skelton, who plays Brianna in Prime Video series Outlander, says the happiness of the Frasier clan won't last long in season 6

Outlander star Sophie Skelton says happiness won't last long in season 6

The immensely popular Prime Video TV series Outlander returns to our screens March 6, 2022, with season 6 premiering on the streaming service after a long, arduous wait for devoted fans of the romance show. According to Sophie Skelton though, who plays Brianna in the hit show, fans should prepare to get their hearts broken once again, as the happiness we see in the opening episode of season 6 won’t last long.

In an interview with The Digital Fix, Skelton discussed the typical Outlander trait of building its audience up to have hope that the Frasier clan may finally be able to enjoy some happy moments and a bit of peace, before hitting us with an emotional gut-punch.

“You know, it’s Outlander isn’t it? As soon as you have a happy moment, you know they’re just going to tear your heart apart in a minute,” Skelton said. “You’re lured into a false sense of security,” she added. But it isn’t all doom and gloom, as the actor did offer some hope for the fate of her character, and her partner in the show, Roger.

“I have to say, for Roger and Brianna actually, they are the light relief of this season,” Skelton explains. “They tend to stay happier for a little longer than the other characters are given the chance to this season,” she continues.

Outlander is notorious for its long breaks between each season, leading to some fans affectionately daubing the historical drama series ‘Droughtlander’, but with season 6 now upon us, we’re sure those loyal fans will be ready to be hurt again.

“There are some lovely scenes this season, where it’s happy families; like the simple dinner scenes where it’s all the Frasiers together,” the actor revealed. “So there are moments of joy and peace…but not for long,” she adds, with an ominous gleeful smile.

So, get ready you Outlander faithful, pain is coming! You can watch the previous five seasons of the show, plus the upcoming sixth, on Prime Video with a subscription right now.