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Oscars criticised for In Memoriam omissions

Fans have taken to Twitter to criticise the Oscars for leaving out Full House star, Bob Saget from the 94th Academy awards In Memoriam tribute

Oscars criticised for In Memoriam omissions

Many notable things happened during the 94th Academy Awards. The science fiction movie Dune dominated the ceremony, and Will Smith and Chris Rock had a heated moment. Still, no one expected that the In Memoriam tribute of the prestigious night would spark online controversy. Following the aired broadcast of the Oscars on March 27, fans took to Twitter to point out how the late Bob Saget was surprisingly missing from the celebration.

Best known for his time on the hit TV series Full House, Bob Saget was one of the many talents we, unfortunately, lost this year after he passed away on January 9, 2022. Considering his long-running career in both film and TV, he would be a name you’d expect to see during the Academy’s slide show, honouring the late greats in media.

The In Memoriam tribute at the Oscars is designed for viewers to come together and take the time to remember all those in the industry who have passed away. However, Saget didn’t make the cut, and viewers made sure that everyone knew that they weren’t happy about it.

“The only thing I’ll say about the Oscars is that they had three and half months to add Bob Saget to the In Memoriam section, and they didn’t do it,” one user Tweeted. “You just insert the image in the timeline. It’s not hard. I guess that’s one more thing they didn’t have time for this year.”

You can read more fan reactions below: 

It is possible that the omission was purposeful. It could be argued that since Saget was more associated with TV than with film, he didn’t fit the Oscar bill. However, Betty White, who similarly had an illustrious career on broadcast television, on which she was more well known for than in film, was added to the Academy’s list. The more likely reason behind the In Memoriam section’s fumble is that Saget’s name slipped through the cracks.

Currently, the version of the tribute that was shared online following the Oscars’ live broadcast hasn’t been altered to include Bob Saget. We will keep you posted on any updates or comments from the Oscars regarding the criticism.