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Nope teaser shows Jordan Peele’s new horror movie ahead of Super Bowl trailer

Nope is getting a full trailer at the 2022 Super Bowl, but a new teaser gives us our first glimpse at Jordan Peele's new horror movie

Steven Yeun in Nope

Jordan Peele has a new horror movie coming out, called Nope, and the first trailer is arriving with the Super Bowl. In anticipation, Universal has shared a brief teaser for the thriller movie, with a reminder of Peele’s prowess as a filmmaker.

In a 30 second video posted on YouTube, we get clips from both Get Out and Us, Peele’s previous films as writer and director. Both were box office successes, and drew critical acclaim for their scares, originality, and generally high level of craft. Then, right at the end, we get a few seconds of Nope. We see stars Daniel Kaluuya, Steven Yuen, and Keke Palmer, all staring at some in terror.

They definitely aren’t all seeing the same thing at the same time, with disparities in daylight and so on. But they all look very terrified, so whatever they’re seeing must be quite menacing. Until now we’ve just had the poster, which features a storm cloud looming large over some town or other. Perhaps there’s more to that cloud than meets the eye? In a Peele feature? Never.

Nope was revealed back in November 2020, as an untitled Peele project. The full title came to light in July 2021, along with steady cast announcements, though it’s been mostly quiet since. Filming was completed in December 2021.

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We still don’t know what it’s about, but that’s standard for Peele’s work. It’s something that helped Get Out and Us find their audience through word of mouth, and we’ve no doubt it’ll be the same here. Hoyte van Hoytema, a frequent collaborator of Christopher Nolan’s, is the cinematographer.

We’ll find out more come the Super Bowl on February 13. Nope will release in theatres July 22, 2022.