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Where was the Lou movie filmed?

Where was the Lou movie filmed? Lou has shot straight to the top of the trending charts on Netflix, but where was the new movie filmed?

Where was Lou movie filmed? Allison Janney in Lou

Where was the Lou movie filmed? The new action thriller movie Lou is one of the latest new releases to hit streaming service giant Netflix. The action movie, which stars Allison Janney, Jurnee Smollett, and Logan Marshall-Green, debuted on September 2023.

Lou was praised for its central performances, and for its use of on-location filming. That on-location filming, and the choice of locations, prove to be an important part of the movie too.

That’s because the thrilling events of Lou are set against a backdrop of forests, lakes, mountains, and coastlines, with the harshness of the landscapes and the elements reflecting the brutal events of the movie. This has left audiences asking: where was the Lou movie filmed? 

Where was the Lou movie filmed?

Lou was filmed in Canada, making use of the natural drama and majesty of the British Columbia and Vancouver regions.

Those areas are filled with an abundance of lakes, forests, hills, and more mountainous areas. They are also known for their high rainfall, which helps to explain the general moistness of the movie.

While most of the Netflix movie was shot in these regions, the final scenes on the coast were shot elsewhere in Canada. They were filmed on the Ucluelet Peninsula, which is tucked away in the very southwestern corner of Canada.

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