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Netflix - is Queen Cleopatra a documentary?

The new Netflix series Queen Cleopatra has arrived and history aficionados are going wild. Here's what we know on if the show is a documentary or a drama.

Queen Cleopatra netflix documentary still from trailer on Cleopatra's face

Is Queen Cleopatra a documentary on Netflix? Here’s everything you need to know about the historical accuracy of the new Netflix show based on the legendary Egyptian ruler.

Queen Cleopatra is the new Netflix series to hit screens and make big waves. It’s rocketed into the top 10 charts straight off the mark, with viewers flocking to the show to learn more about this interpretation of the Egyptian Queen.

Starring Adele James as Cleopatra, Craig Russell as Mark Antony, and John Partridge as Julius Ceasar, people tuning in are desperate to learn more about the Netflix show. Is Netflix’s Queen Cleopatra a documentary or a drama series?

Is Queen Cleopatra a documentary?

Queen Cleopatra is a documentary series exploring the life and rule of the legendary Egyptian ruler. However, it also has extended dramatic recreations where its cast play real-life historical figures.

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So, it is a blend of drama and documentary, where experts are interviewed about Cleopatra alongside dramatised recreations of the past.

Queen Cleopatra is actually the second season of a show called African Queens, with the first season exploring the life and rule of Queen Nzinga through the same lens. So, if you love Queen Cleopatra on Netflix and want more, there’s a whole other season to sink your history-loving teeth into.

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