Rob Zombie reveals first The Munsters reboot character designs

Herman and Lily of The Munsters having breakfast together

Rob Zombie is sharing more designs for his new The Munsters movie. We recently got the blueprints for the Munsters Mansion, and now he’s given us some character designs for the horror movie.

The images are for the sleeping outfits of Herman and Lily, the matriarch and patriarch of the Munster homestead. Lily’s got a flowing black nightdress, that’s got handmade spider-web embroidery, with frayed edges. Herman, then, has some typical black-and-white striped pyjamas and nightcap, all complemented by skulls, of course, and some black platform slippers.

“What do Herman and Lily wear to bed? Perhaps something like this!” Zombie captioned the pics on Instagram. “Check out some wardrobe designs by our amazing costume designers.” They’re both living their best goth lives, in our opinion. Going by the outline of the house and these outfits, Zombie seems to be skewing towards the ’50s and ’60s aesthetic of the original TV series, rather than being overtly contemporary. Probably a good thing, since a modernised version, Mockingbird Lane, failed to go beyond a pilot in 2012.


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We don’t know a whole lot else about Zombie’s take on The Munsters. Speculation is that he’s filming in Budapest, based on his use of the hashtag on another of his Munsters-related Instagram posts, but that could mean anything. At the very least, these designs show production is moving steadily forward.

There’s no release window for Rob Zombie’s The Munsters as yet, but when we know, you’ll know. Here’s the best horror movies on Netflix in the meantime, and here’s the video for ‘Crow Killer Blues’, from Zombie’s latest album, The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy

Anthony McGlynn

Staff writer

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

The Munsters
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