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Moonfall 2 release date speculation, trailer, cast, and more news

The new Halle Berry disaster movie Moonfall is set up perfectly for a sequel, so here's everything we know about a release date, trailer and more for Moonfall 2

Moonfall 2 release date: Moonfall cast

When is the Moonfall 2 release date? The epic disaster movie Moonfall may only just have dropped in cinemas, but anyone who’s already watched it will know that the ending of Moonfall very strongly suggests that a sequel will arrive at some point in the future. And, with big stars like Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson featured and lots of bold, ludicrous action taking place, we’re sure there will be demand for more Moonfall movies.

The science fiction movie was met with mixed-to-negative reception, with our own Moonfall review stating that Patrick Wilson and Halle Berry couldn’t save it, and with Moonfall‘s lacklustre box office performance after being one of the most expensive independent movies ever made, it’s unlikely we’ll see a sequel. If we know anything, it’s that commercial success is a trusted indicator as to whether further movies will be greenlit by movie studios; money talks, after all!

We already know that the movie’s writer and director, Roland Emmerich, had plans for a Moonfall trilogy, too, so everything adds up to Moonfall 2 becoming a reality eventually. If you haven’t seen Moonfall yet, look away now, we’re about to dive into spoilers and break down everything we know about the potential Moonfall 2 release date.

Moonfall 2 release date speculation

Unfortunately, as of April 2023, Moonfall 2 hasn’t been confirmed, so we don’t have a release date at this time. The original Moonfall was announced in May 2019 and was eventually released in February 2022, meaning a gap of just under three years between development and theatrical release. However, this schedule was hit by delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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If Moonfall 2 gets the green light and announcements are made, we can presume Lionsgate will act quickly and look to get to work on the sequel as soon as possible. Regardless, we wouldn’t get our hopes up for the next instalment in the Moonfall series arriving any sooner than 2026.

Moonfall 2 trailer speculation

There is no Moonfall 2 trailer. As with the release date, nothing is 100% official just yet, and filming for a Moonfall sequel hasn’t even begun. As such, we would be years away from any trailer or footage being released, but if it is, we’ll be sure to share it with you all.

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Moonfall 2 plot speculation

With no official synopsis yet, we can only make assumptions about what the story for Moonfall 2 will entail. The ending of Moonfall sets up a sequel in a big way, and it sounds like there could be more swarms of deadly artificial intelligence (AI) out there to be defeated across the universe.

When K.C. Houseman (John Bradley) destroys the AI on the moon at the end of Moonfall, he is absorbed by the operating system (OS) and becomes a part of the moon’s consciousness. The OS then tells Houseman “there is work to be done”, which would suggest he has a big part to play in any future battles with their nanotech nemeses.

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Our best guess, and you should take this with a massive pinch of salt, is that Houseman and the OS have now saved the moon, and will head off into the universe to try and take down the various AI that has conquered the other meta-structures.

How that potential storyline would tie in with the narrative arcs of both Brian Harper (Wilson) and Jocinda Fowler (Berry), remains to be seen. Perhaps Houseman and the OS would require the astronauts’ help and ask them to join their quest. Or, maybe a Moonfall sequel would introduce new protagonists instead.

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With a whole universe full of meta-structures, there could well be other forms of life out there, and maybe some surviving members of the ancient, technologically-advanced human race are waiting to become part of the Moonfall lore.

Moonfall 2 cast speculation

Although nothing has been confirmed as to whether the original Moonfall cast would return for any sequels, we do know that the three main characters survive the events of the first Moonfall movie.

At the end of Moonfall, Brian Harper and Jocinda Fowler make it safely back to earth and reunite with their families. So, it’s happily ever after for them, right? Well, if Moonfall is anything to go by, we know that both these characters have a great hunger for space exploration, and they clearly can’t resist a dangerous mission.

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So, we could well see Wilson of The Conjuring fame and X-Men actor Berry return for Moonfall 2 if their characters are tempted to venture into space again. Neither of these actors are strangers to a franchise, either, so Moonfall could easily be their next long-term project.

K.C. Houseman, played by Game of Thrones actor John Bradley, is in a very different situation. He technically survived, albeit now as an augmented reality version of himself, as part of the moon’s operating system. But the aforementioned tantalising final line spoken by the OS would suggest that this guy is going to play a big part in any future Moonfall movies, and it’s safe to assume Bradley would return.

That’s all we know about Moonfall 2 at this early stage. Check back for more in the future, and we will keep you updated when any developments arise. In the meantime, why not check out our guide to other space adventures, like Star Wars and Star Trek.

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