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Men trailer shows Jessie Buckley haunted by Rory Kinnear

The latest trailer for Men, a new horror movie from Alex Garland starring Jessie Buckley and Rory Kinnear, shows the two in a surreal chiller


Rory Kinnear gives Oscar nominee Jessie Buckley the holiday from hell in a new trailer for Alex Garland’s horror movie Men. In the thriller, Jessie Buckley, who recently starred in drama movie The Lost Daughter, plays Harper — a woman mourning the recent loss of her ex-husband who, judging by the trailer, took his own life by jumping off the roof of their home.

As Harper escapes to the English countryside to mourn her husband’s death, she comes across an innkeeper, played by Rory Kinnear. But as the trailer shows, this isn’t the only character Kinnear plays, as his face appears continually to torture Harper, demanding that she takes responsibility for her husband’s unhappiness and death.

With the strong sense of purgatory in the trailer, there are clearly Biblical themes at play in this scary movie, which are only amplified when, in the clip, Harper decides to eat the ‘forbidden fruit’ outside her house (near where her husband fell to his death, no less). Judging by the trailer, this fruit also grants Harper the ability to see ghosts, and while this new trailer for Men reveals a few more tidbits about the film’s plot.

However, we have a feeling that there are a lot more twists and turns in store as the various ‘men’ haunting Harper’s life (played by Kinnear) ensure that her getaway is one that she will never forget.

Men is written and directed by Alex Garland, whose previous writing and directing projects include robot movie Ex Machina, and the monster movie Annihilation. Considering the pedigree of those, expectations are high this will be another mindbender.

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Garland’s last production was the sci-fi series Devs, with Nick Offerman. You will be able to see exactly how his sinister return to the big screen plays out when it comes to theatres on May 11.

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