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X-Men MCU movie wasn’t at D23 because it’s not happening for years

If you were hoping for news on the X-Men MCU movie at D23 you'll be disappointed to know that it's not happening for a very long time

Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier in Doctor Strange 2

We’ve been waiting a while now for news on the X-Men arriving in the MCU, but we’re going to be waiting a fair bit longer it seems. Many suspected an announcement could happen at the recent D23 event, but there was no mention of the planned mutant Marvel movie.

Ever since Kevin Feige confirmed he was going to introduce the X-Men characters to to his superhero movie universe, fans of the franchise have been desperate to know when the X-Men MCU movie will happen. With the MCU Phase 4 coming to an end, and no sign of the mutants in Marvel’s Phase 5 plans, it became clear that we’d have to be patient to see the likes of Wolverine and Storm as fully-fledged MCU characters.

Well, the D23 expo on September 10, 2022 all but confirmed that when there was no word on the project. And according to Deadline reporter Justin Kroll on his Twitter, we shouldn’t expect any news for a long time.

“Speaking of X-Men, this film isn’t happening for a very long time, so outside of a writer being tapped, it’s super unlikely any casting decisions get made on that one for some time,” Kroll tweeted.

Kroll also commented on the Fantastic Four MCU release date and casting rumours, but it seems the situation there is similar to the X-Men project.

“There are exceptions like Mahershala [Ali] being cast early on for Blade role but something where its a team like F4 or X-Men, Feige would prefer that director input and since Matt only got job a couple weeks ago very unlikely any casting decisions were made,” Kroll also tweeted.

So, we’re going to have to sit tight on this one and trust the process behind the scenes. To be fair, Feige and the team have always been great at casting the superheroes and Marvel villains for the MCU, so we have faith they will make the right call on the mutants too.